Securely Exchange Important and Sensitive Documents

Many industries require the secure exchange of sensitive and important documents to improve customer service improve productivity and ensure secure data from cyber-attacks. Examples include financial services, healthcare and law enforcement.

Email is a simple and efficient method of communication however it’s not the most secure. Email documents are vulnerable to hackers and spammers who could be able to intercept messages. It is essential to use an encryption system and protocols to prevent unauthorized individuals from accessing information.

It’s more secure and safer secure to use an online faxing platform for confidential documents than email. It allows you send documents without a traditional fax machine or landline, and can be accessed from any location with an internet connection. Many fax platforms also offer features such as digital signatures and redactions that make it easy for teams and individuals to create and sign documents.

When you are storing documents on paper, don’t leave them on the desk for anyone else to grab. Don’t even put them in a printer shared. Also, you should have a desk cleaning policy in place and regularly shred old documents to stop them from falling into the wrong hands. When it comes to online storage, make sure that the data you upload to a repository is secured and requires multi-factor authentication to access. You should be able track the dates and times when files were access. This is essential in the event of a data breach.

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