How to Run Safe Board Meetings

There are a myriad of issues that districts must consider before school board meetings resume on a regular schedule. It’s important that parents and community members are allowed to attend school to speak for their children. But, they must be doing so in a way that does not compromise security or cause disruption. Additionally schools and districts need to have plans in place to get people out of the building quickly if they’re being disruptively or threatening others with their you can try these out actions.

To conduct a safe and effective board meeting, it is important to have a clear agenda. This will help you cover all important issues, while keeping your meeting time to a minimum. It will also make it easier for the attendees.

A clear agenda can help you avoid drowning your attendees with lengthy reports and routine tasks. If you can clearly define the goal of each item (to inform, to seek information, or arrive at a conclusion) participants will be able to focus on the discussion and questions and not get distracted by nitty-gritty details.

Choose software that is secure and can be utilized both on-site as well as virtually. This will allow you to facilitate hybrid meetings for those who don’t have private boardrooms. It will make it easier to share documents, take minutes and keep track of attendance.

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