How to Plan Your Board Meeting Preparation

The preparation for a board meeting is a daunting task because you must manage many stakeholders and stick to deadlines. By following a set of rules and using the right tools along with it, you will minimise the pressure on everyone involved and enhance the enjoyment.

Plan your agenda for board meetings so that you maximize the amount of time that is available for discussion and decision-making. Each item should have the time limit and clear objective, such as educating or seeking information or making an informed decision. When discussions diverge be sure to gently guide discussions back to the agenda and ensure that someone is taking notes in order to record the key decisions and results.

Make sure that all attendees have been notified about the meeting, including the time, date and the location. This is best accomplished using an online portal for boards that can automate the process of distributing the materials.

Introduce everyone who is attending the meeting, including special guests and visitors. Then, you can roll call the meeting to determine if there is enough quorum for the meeting to proceed. Review any unresolved issues from the previous meeting, and then approve the minutes.

You can make use of the remaining time to discuss any new business or other issues that require discussion before the meeting ends. It’s also the perfect moment to update any public notices with the date, time and place of the next meeting.

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