Class Makes Pupils Wear Boxes On The Heads To Prevent Cheating

Class Tends To Make College Students Put On Boxes To Their Heads Avoiding Cheating

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Class Makes Pupils Use Boxes To Their Heads To Stop Cheating

A college in Asia is pushing pupils to wear cardboard containers over their heads while getting exams in order to protect against infidelity. Well, that’s undoubtedly an innovative strategy to ensure every person stays truthful, i guess.

Karnataka: college students were meant to wear cardboard cartons during an exam at Bhagat Pre-University college or university in Haveri, apparently to prevent all of them from cheating. (16.10.2019)

— ANI (@ANI)
Oct 18, 2019

  1. It simply happened at Bhagat Pre-University College in Haveri.

    Pictures drawn in the class were submitted to Twitter earlier on this month by Asian Information International. They revealed a large number of students seated at desks utilizing the cardboard boxes over their particular heads as they seemed down at test forms.

  2. a college manager provides apologized for any college’s techniques.

    MB Satish told

    BBC Hindi

    that the class had been checking out the non-traditional anti-cheating technique on an “experimental basis” because they understood of different schools that had completed it. Not only this, but Satish insisted your college students happened to be great with-it plus provided unique containers!

  3. The guy nonetheless defended the choice despite it becoming really ill-conceived.

    Satish said, “There seemed to be no compulsion of any kind. You will see inside picture that some pupils were not wearing it. Some who wore it eliminated it after 15 minutes, some after 20 minutes or so and in addition we ourselves asked these to take it off after 1 hour.”

  4. Neighborhood authorities also known as it “inhumane.”

    SC Peerjade, deputy director regarding the neighborhood pre-University degree Board, told the

    Times of India

    , “whenever I had gotten an email with this, we immediately decided to go to the college and bought the management to end the exercise. I additionally issued a notice into college administration and am contemplating disciplinary activity against all of them for applying this idea.”

  5. Fortunately, the exercise has been concluded.

    Frankly, if infidelity is that much of an important concern within the college, they probably have actually far larger issues than a cardboard package across the mind could solve. Regardless, they have to find out another way of deterring infidelity it doesn’t consist of something so humiliating and frankly, silly.

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