Business Process Management for Contracting and Management

Achieving the desired end result of a contracting or management process is more than planning and execution. It also involves careful analysis and control of the interdependent business processes involved in planning the preconstruction, procurement, construction, closeout, and commissioning the built environment. That’s why business process management (BPM) is so vital to the success of a project or a company.

BPM is a comprehensive, systematic approach for discovering and improving, modeling automating and continuously monitoring business processes. The goal is aligning internal business tasks to strategic goals. This will result in higher efficiency and increased profitability.

To fulfill its purpose, the BPM lifecycle is comprised of six phases: analyze design and implement, monitor, optimize and revamp. The first phase of the cycle is to examine the current process in order to identify areas for improvement. The next step is to develop the new process to meet requirements of the business, using the possibility of standardization and automation. The implementation phase aims towards implementing the new process model. Ongoing monitoring and optimization will ensure continuous efficiency.

Construction firms are losing tens, possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on wasted business processes and manual tasks-both in the office as well as on the job site. Automating these processes increases visibility, increases operational responsiveness enhances risk mitigation and speeds up decision-making. It can also help cut costs, boost employee morale and allow for better utilization of resources. To achieve this, teams need to be fully aware of every aspect of their operations and the fundamental procedures.

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