BBQ Safety Basics: Can a Gas BBQ Explode?

They were preparing to enjoy a New Year’s Day lunch when the family heard a whistling noise and noticed flames from under the BBQ. Your digital subscription includes access to content from all our websites in your region. Access unlimited content and the digital versions of our print editions – Today’s Paper.

That ‘s in all the instruction manuals that come with the grills “but guys in general seem not to want to read instructions, ” he added. Once you have your grill in a nice, safe spot, check the hose and connection for leaks and blockages, particularly if you haven ‘t used the grill in a while. You may love hopping outside your door onto your deck or terrace to grill, but it ‘s a recipe for disaster. Grills should be used at least 10 feet from your house and “propane grills shouldn’t be used on any combustible surface ” like wooden decks, Eggleston said. If the lack of adequate warning caused you bodily injuries, the manufacturer could be held accountable through a product liability claim.

Common Causes of Gas Grill Injuries in Florida

Accidents due to gas and chemical blasts are not uncommon in China despite years of attempts to improve safety. “Most fire safety things are just common sense, ” said Daniel Eggleston, the fire marshal for the City of Binghamton. Additionally, the manufacturer must provide instructions on how to use their products safely. However, keep in mind that propane is heavier than air, so it will take longer to dissipate if there is a gas build-up. If you try and restart it immediately, you could cause a fireball explosion to occur. While a fireball coming out of an open grill can result in injury as well, if the lid is closed, there is more chance for grill parts to be blown apart.

Safety precautions people routinely flout by keeping their grills too close to their homes and failing to properly maintain them. An unexpected grill malfunction can lead to a fire or explosion, causing severe, life-altering injuries to you and those around you. If your grill or propane tank malfunctioned or exploded and caused you serious injuries, you may be able to file a product liability claim against the manufacturer. The foregoing represents only a selection of the injuries that can result due to a propane tank explosion.

  • As you can see, while explosions can occur with your gas grill, they are very unlikely if operated properly.
  • Overnight, gas collected beneath the couple’s home until it began seeping into the basement and accumulated.
  • People also tend to look into their grill when it doesn’t start to see what is wrong.
  • The most obvious sign of a leak is the smell of propane gas, but you can also check your connections by spraying them with soapy water after opening the propane valve.
  • Anything that provides containment for the gas can create a dangerous situation.

As you can see, while explosions can occur with your gas grill, they are very unlikely if operated properly. Both gases can cause gas grill explosions if they aren’t operated properly – especially if gas is allowed to accumulate under a closed lid. Propane tanks are designed to hold pressure well above the pressures expected inside of them. They have overfill protection devices (OPDs) to prevent tanks from being filled past their fill limit.

Is a Gas BBQ Safe?

“A leak of liquefied petroleum gas … caused an explosion during the operation of a barbecue restaurant,” Xinhua reported, citing the regional Communist Party committee. If you do end up with a fire that ‘s threatening more than your meal, don ‘t hesitate to call the fire department, the fire officials advised. If you can safely turn off the propane valve, do it, but if you have any doubt at all, “Get back and call the fire department, ” said Card-Griffin. You push the igniter button to light it up and nothing happens. “Bees will get inside of grills and build nests inside, ” Card-Griffin said. The danger is that they will block the flow of propane, leading to a combustible situation.

Filing a Lawsuit for a Grill Fire or Propane Explosion

The ignition of the gas caused an explosion that, according to neighbors, police, and those in the vicinity, could be felt for miles. One of the home owners suffered severe burns to his legs and feet. The other homeowner also suffered from severe burns and two broken legs. The couple was able to reach a seven-figure settlement where liability was incurred by both the utility company and the company that mishandled deactivating the propane line and valve. You should do this test not only if you can smell gas, but every time you connect a new gas bottle. The way to go about this is to apply the soapy water with a paintbrush, or basting brush or you can sponge it on.

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This can cause the hose to break, which can lead to an explosion. When one of the home owners went to take a shower in the morning, the hot water heater kicked on. The spark from the heater’s ignitor met with the propane gas.

What are the chances of a propane tank explosion?

When it comes to choosing the right gas barbecue for your needs, there are several factors you should consider. First off, decide how much space you have available – if you’re limited on space, then a smaller model might be more suitable than a larger one. Secondly, think about what type of cooking surface you need – some models offer both flat surfaces (ideal for burgers) as well as raised ridges (great for steaks).

If the tank is ruptured, impacted, or otherwise disturbed a violent explosion can result. Propane tanks aren’t just limited to use for outdoor cooking. Some people rely on propane and propane tanks for fuel for their furnace to heat their home or patio, for a clothes dryer, or for a hot water heater. If a tank of stored compressed gas explodes while being used for any of these purposes, catastrophic injuries and even death can result.

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