5 High-Paying Entry-Level Remote Jobs and How to Apply

Sign up for a free 7-day, all-access trial and start learning today. In this article, we’ll take a look at ten jobs (many of them with entry-level options) that hire remote employees. These jobs pay well—higher than the national median annual wage of $45,760 —and are projected to be in demand through 2030, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

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It seems that as much as Beyoncé is authoring her own image, she is also invoking those who could not. Notably, engineers — especially younger workers and women — who had previously been on teams that were all in the same building were more likely to quit their jobs once the pandemic sent everyone home. There was no such surge in departures among people who had previously worked on teams spread across multiple buildings. That suggested workers missed in-person interactions, Ms. Emanuel said. The US national annual base salary range for this position is from $46,000 to $93,000.


In this position, you would work with clients in their homes or assist with virtual telehealth visits from your home or other locations. Public relations specialists help clients cultivate positive reputations for their businesses or organizations. As a PR specialist, course careers remote jobs you may be responsible for writing speeches and press releases, talking to journalists, or interacting with the public to boost the public image of a company, client, or organization. Construct a portfolio from either school, work, or independent projects.

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As you are preparing to enter the job market or switch careers, you might consider obtaining a Professional Certificate to become job-ready for in-demand careers such as project manager and data analyst. Project coordinators handle the concrete aspects of a project to ensure that it runs smoothly and efficiently. As a more junior position to project managers, project coordinators have the opportunity to grow into a more senior role overseeing projects from beginning to end once they have acquired the necessary experience. Although some positions require employees to be onsite, many project coordinator and manager positions can be done remotely over the internet. The five careers outlined below are entry-level positions that not only offer the opportunity to work remotely but also provide an average annual salary above the national median in the US [1]. These positions are also projected to grow in the next decade.

Website connects retirees with part-time jobs, contracts – Dayton Daily News

Website connects retirees with part-time jobs, contracts.

Posted: Mon, 02 Oct 2023 15:00:47 GMT [source]

Cybersecurity has become even more critical as more people work from home. This demand for cybersecurity skills has created nearly half a million job openings in the United States alone in 2021 [3]. As we begin to look toward our post-pandemic future, it seems that more and more companies plan to permanently support more remote work opportunities across a wide range of industries. If you’re interested in pivoting to a job that allows you the flexibility that comes with working from home, consider these career options. The newly aggressive approach drew praise from critics of Mr. Trump.

Assess your skill set.

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